5DM3 full_res silent error

Issue #2133 resolved
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Error log posted on dropbox:



ML version: 26 Sept_FIX Activated silent mode and chose full-res system crashed on pressing the shoot button camera was on picture mode

Same problem with 26 Sept module (original version). Error log:


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  1. Alex

    Shutter speed or ISO were out of range. There are checks for those though...

    I also see you were in M mode. What exposure settings did you have?

  2. Tarun Bhalla (canon eos m)

    Did not notice the exposure setting. Will try tonight and comeback with the log if unsuccessful in getting the full res mo running

  3. Tarun Bhalla (canon eos m)

    Hi Alex,

    Error log:


    Camera was on Tv mode Module: silent.mo copied from the Sept 26_FIX bundle to the Aug 7 build. Exposure: ISO 6400 / Shutter 1/10 / Aperture 4.0 Module settings: full_res for silent.mo Module settings: take a picture every 6s & start trigger to half shutter & rest setting untouched

    Was able to get the camera alive and kicking with these settings but did not know how to stop so had to keep the half shutter pressed and that's when the error on screen and finally had to reset by removing the battery.

  4. Tarun Bhalla (canon eos m)

    Figured out how to set the number of frames in the intervalometer. However, set to 7 frames but the camera chooses to do 28 at 1920X1280 :-)

  5. Alex

    Ah, didn't check other modes except M.

    If you got 28 frames instead of 7... did you have some bracketing enabled, or an option to take 4 pictures at once?

  6. Tarun Bhalla (canon eos m)

    Not that I did. But will check if this is already on by default. All seems good for now. Will report any issues if any come up playing with the silent mode module. Thx for your help.

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