Keep play mode actions on zoom and vice versa

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gotar created an issue

This behaviour is not desired on exposure adjust, on others barely matters, so...

  1. zooming in/out and movement resets exposure,
  2. left/right trigger doesn't work while zoomed in (as it's used for movement),
  3. set on zoomed in picture resets to original position (centered).

And there is no simple way to adjust exposure of zoomed part of image beside center - one have to: 1. zoom in, 2. press set, 3. move to the interesting part of image (keeping 'set' pressed), 4. rotate wheel to adjust exposure (still keeping 'set').

I guess these actions are performed directly on image buffers and repeating them on every move might be not a good idea due to excessive computations, so the simplest solution would be to prevent 'set' button from resetting position (centering) until it's released and no wheel action has been done. This way one can:

  1. zoom in and move to the interesting part of the image, as usual,
  2. press set and adjust exposure,
  3. move to different location of the image and repeat step 2.

or, if he doesn't adjust exposure, image resets to center position after releasing 'set' button.

I mark this as an enhancement not a bug, as it's just a minor feature clash.

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