Error 70 -- T3i/600D

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Constantly getting an error message. I've tried everything on every forum - clearing camera settings, formatting, battery changes, i've done it all. Can't use my camera at all. HELP!

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  1. One Percent

    This is a strange one:

    [LV] ERROR [PATH] Path Incomplete[2b9] with 800: 38294.946 [LV] ERROR [EVF] 32 frames continuous EngineError!!! 801: 38303.602 [STARTUP] ERROR ASSERT : Evf\EvfState.c, Task = Evf 802: 38303.694 [STARTUP] ERROR ASSERT : Line 1190 803: 38303.726 [STARTUP] ERROR ASSERT : 0

    Do you get LV anymore?

  2. Tori C

    Sorry for not being more specific. My camera turns on and I can go to both the canon and Magic Lantern menu. However, when i take a picture the image is completely white and blank. Also when i want to switch to live view to take a picture by looking at the screen versus the little eyehole viewfinder the camera shuts down and says "error 70 - Shooting is not possible due to error. Try reinstalling the battery." This has happened to me before but clearing the camera settings or reformatting the card fixed it. Let me know if there's anymore information I can give you. I'm really stuck here.

  3. One Percent

    change pic quality from raw to jpeg and then take a picture. still white? also try taking pics in different modes and without a card.

  4. Tori C

    I changed the picture quality to all the different setting and it still came out white. I also took pictures in all of the modes and they're all white. Without a card in all modes were also all white.

  5. One Percent

    doesn't mean it hasn't failed. booting up with asserts off and seeing if anything comes through LV would tell you.

  6. Alex

    I can prepare some test builds, but you really need a lot of patience (weeks or months). My time is very limited these days, sorry.

  7. Tori C

    Sure, whatever you can do to help would be great. It's definitely not a dead sensor. The camera is still clicking when i take pictures. My only option at this point is to sell the camera for parts on ebay. Anything you can do would be nice.

  8. Alex

    The sensor can't click.

    I also believe it's a hardware issue, but I can double-check. Do you still have warranty?

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