550D - ML doesn't run

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Ster Pasch created an issue

This is my first time to use the ML. I downloaded the latest zip (07 Oct 2014), and I followed exactly the instructions. But my camera operates like ML does not exist. No menus with "delete" button no menus, nothing at all.

I did the same with all my 3 SD cards, but nothing happened.

They only thing I cannot understand is "bootable flag" that is mentioned to the instruction (if it is valid for my SD cards).

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  1. Reggio Hartono

    Hi. first timer as well here, and had the same problem as you.

    I solved it by downloading the older build from: https://bitbucket.org/hudson/magic-lantern/downloads/magiclantern-2011Dec22.550D.60D.600D.50D.500D.zip

    now follow the install guide, but with this version instead. don't forget to only use the ml-550d-109.fir file and remove the others.

    now your firmware update should run. if you have successfully run this very old build, go download the newer night build and just copy the files to the root folder of your sd card and run the firmware update once again.

    now my 550d is running the ML nicely. I understand that this is an imperfect workaround and a better way to do this is to build from the source code yourself

    Good luck to you.

  2. David Milligan

    550D does not have the new .fir installer. It needs to be generated (this has to be done by someone who knows how to sign them, even if you compile ML yourself, you won't be able to generate a .fir).

  3. Reggio Hartono

    Hi @dmilligan thanks for the info. May I know why the current ML install guides are not so clear on the matter?

  4. David Milligan

    The install guide assumes the download comes with the .fir installer, which it should. But like I said, the 550D's new .fir installer has not been generated by someone who knows how, so it is missing from the download.

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