60D: 'Burn-in' like artifacts in jpeg (raw is fine)

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I am using the ML version 2014Oct08.60D111 for one month now. When I was going through my images some days after shooting I noticed artifacts in some images which resemble partly burned-in features (faint dark and light silhouettes of objects) from a previous image. First I was surprised and almost deleted the image, but when I looked into the raw file I found no problem with the data. I never shoot only jpegs, so I don't know if this would occur there also (which would be more serious as this would render the image useless). In camera, the 'Autumn Hues' profile from canon is applied, but otherwise I don't think I use noteworthy settings. The effect doesn't occur very often and so far I found that only images with a strong blue sky show this. Unfortunately, I have no recipe to reproduce this effect consistently. Most image show no noticeable artifacts. The problem does not occur all the time with blue skies, and after shooting several images the artifacts are gone even in the same scene. I shoot in live view rather often, but I do not remember if the particular images where shot in live view or not. I think at least some images which show these artifacts were shot the usual way. I will try to experiment more when I get the effect to appear again in a test-friendly setting.

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  1. Alex

    There are no ML features that affect the JPEG output in photo mode.

    Make sure you can reproduce the bug first. Then try to reproduce it without ML. If you find it's caused by ML, try turning things on and off until you can narrow it down to a particular feature.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Ok, so I did the homework and after some tests I think it is caused by the Histogram overlay in live view with the raw mode enabled. I shot test images with a relatively bright object against a dark blue sky just as before, and could get the artifacts to appear quickly. Again, the raw files are all fine. I don't have a 100% sure recipe to get the effect to work, since it does not occur in all images surprisingly. But testing for an hour today hints strongly into direction of the raw histogram. Also, the artifacts persist for some time (or some images), which makes testing with quickly changing settings difficult. This also means that sometimes a photo shot directly afterwards without live view is also affected. After finding a scene where I could get the artifacts to appear very often, I tested the following things after exiting live view and shooting some images to clear the problem every time. I don't tried forever but after like 10-15 images without artifacts I concluded that the problem is not there.

    • a camera-own overlay -> no problem
    • ML overlay without Histogram -> no problem
    • Histogram with raw values off -> no problem
    • changing to one of the above while in live mode with artifacts in the image -> artifacts continue to appear for a while

    These are my settings:

    beta.warn = 14 menu.first = -8 arrows.mode = 12 mlu.mode = 2 zoom.disable.x5 = 1 battery.drain.rate.rev = 219 raw.histo = 0 electronic.level = 1 crop.index = 1 crop.enable = 1 zoom.overlay = 1 zebra.draw = 0 disp.mode.x = 717

    Also I attach a image series where the artifact persisted for like ~3 images (first one is fine, and probably the source of the shadow-like features). IMG_0291.JPG IMG_0292.JPG IMG_0293.JPG IMG_0294.JPG

  3. Alex

    I guess the behavior will be the same with any other RAW-based overlay in LiveView (spotmeter or zebras). Can you confirm?

    If the problem is clearly caused by the RAW backend in photo mode, I know what to do.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    Yes, I tested shooting with the raw spotmeter and raw zebras enabled (separately and together), and the artifacts appeared again. I couldn't do any extensive tests today, but I think the effect is the same. When looking at the artifacts a bit closer, it seems that often 3 to 4 'bands' of brightness-inverted features from the current (or previous ?) image is imprinted. I attach one of today's pictures and a contrast boosted version.

    normal.jpg contrast.jpg

  5. Samu Reinikainen

    I noticed this happening when I'm using Auto Exposure to the right (ETTR) in magiclantern-Nightly.2015Dec20.60D111 with 60D.

    Affects only jpegs - RAWs are fine. Example follows - it clearly shows ghost image of tree which was used to ETTR and pictured before this pic.


  6. Samu Reinikainen

    Good point :D

    Updated and few tests shot without problems & ghosts. Only grey sky today though...

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