EOS-M crashes on continuous shooting using Magic Zoom

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My EOS-M crashes when ttrying to save the images of a continuous shooting. It does not happen always, but quite frequently (would say in 2 of 3 cases) when the Magic Zoom is active. I also managed once without Magic Zoom, but it is less frequent then. I set the camera to raw only continuous shoot and shot a complete sequence until the buffer is full (5 raws). When taking less pictures (3 or 2) the problem happens less often but also at times. As mentioned the crash happens during storing of the images, display gets garbled, camera sometimes still seems to react to power-button presses in some way (lens performs its reset-run) in the "background" but the display will stay on and frozen. Only way to get it working again is to remove the battery. I once was "lucky" to see this message on the top of the garbled display: [1] idle: stack overflow: free=8 used=152

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  1. Daniel Fort

    Reproduced the issue using the 2015-04-18 nightly build and also on a version compiled today with a 22 EF-M lens. This doesn't create any crash log. It seems to happen quite consistently with AF on and HalfShutter Trigger mode--or Always On. If the Magic Zoom window is showing and the shutter is fired in continuous mode until the buffer fills, the camera crashes. If the Magic Zoom window is not showing (like when using Focus Ring Trigger mode) it will not crash.

    Note that if Focus mode is set to MF (Canon menu - camera 2) and Magic Zoom Trigger mode is set to Focus Ring, I cannot get it to crash but when Trigger mode is set to Always On it will crash.

    What seems to make the camera consistently crash is if the Magic Zoom window is on when firing off the first frame. If the window is off then a crash is less likely.

    I was able to reproduce the issue with an 11-22mm EF-M and a manual lens with a simple lens adapter (no communication with camera).

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