Canon 600d; Color write problem

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Boompie created an issue

Since last week my camera canon 600d started to write my images in all kind of colors. It looked like he made all the highlights and the shadows purple/green. But de midtones still looked oke.

These where not at all useable images. So I formatted my SD-card, so that magic lanteren would no longer run. Plus I restored the camera to the factory settings. But it was still there. And after an firmware update, ofcourse it was still there.

I made multiple photos after each other, and per photo the colors where completly different. And sometimes there is still a photo with the right colors.

I have been working with ML for over a year now and I love it. What do you guys think?

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  1. David Milligan

    What version of Magic Lantern were you using? Were you using or have you ever used Tragic Lantern?

  2. Boompie reporter

    I dont know what version I was using. But what I do know is that I started using ML in beginning of september (so I am not using ML for over a year, time goes slow. ;P) At that moment I downloaded the software. Do you know which version was out at that time?


  3. David Milligan

    Until you can verify what version you were using or even what approximate version you were using, I can't help you. There are lots different builds and downloads out there, it's impossible for me to know where and what you might have downloaded. Many people have used Tragic Lantern without realizing it was any different from Magic Lantern. It is basically the same, but with lots of dangerous features enabled. One of those features is MRAW/SRAW. Enabling this feature has been known to cause image corruption, even after disabling the feature and removing TL.

  4. Boompie reporter

    Wow, I didn't know that there were so many versions. I searched and I found that I started using ML 10-7-14. So that must be there magiclantern-Nightly.2014Jul08.600D102, Changeset: c62e719 version. :)

  5. Alex

    This issue is not related to MRAW/SRAW from TL, because OP already cleared camera settings.

    Can you upload a few CR2 files?

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