IDNT Camera Name / Modell not properly written

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When using Nightly.2015Jan15.EOSM202 the camera name/modell doesn't get properly retrieved and written to the IDNT block of the mlv.

Instead of 'Canon EOS M' I get 'ERR:1 md:0x 0 ml:0'

I assume the err = PROPAD_GetPropertyData(PROP_CAM_MODEL, (void **) &model_data, &model_len); in mlv.c fails.

It seems like also other models suffer from the same issue:

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  1. Alex
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    @rbrune : it looks like the EOS-M does not have PROP_CAM_MODEL. Can you paste the IDNT section of a MLV, to confirm it really works?

    Here's why I think it's probably still not solved:

    The issue also affects 650D and 700D. I asked Walter Schulz to check a MLV from 650D, and his IDNT section is:

    Block: IDNT
      Offset: 0x000001ac
        Size: 84
        Time: 0.004000 ms
         Camera Name:   'ERR:1 md:0x       0 ml:0'
         Camera Serial: ''
         Camera Model:  0x00000000
  2. Rafael Brune

    Interesting, I'm pretty sure I checked the IDNT - but will take a look at it tomorrow evening and post the section for an EOS-M mlv here.

  3. Rafael Brune

    The PROPAD_GetPropertyData stub does seem to work (and the 650D is missing the stub in its stubs definitions):

    Block: IDNT
      Offset: 0x000001ac
        Size: 84
        Time: 0.004000 ms
         Camera Name:   'Canon EOS M'
         Camera Serial: 'BEEE00927'
         Camera Model:  0x80000331
  4. Alex

    Interesting. If you search for the string "Canon EOS M" in your ROM dumps (ML/LOGS/ROM*.BIN), do you find any occurences?

    I can't find anything in my dumps, but I have an old version (1.0.6).

    And the second question - in propvalues.c, does PROP_HANDLER(PROP_CAM_MODEL) get triggered on EOS-M? That means, if you print camera_model and camera_model_id from that file, do you get valid values?

  5. Alex

    Got it. One last test: can you download, take a test picture and paste the screenshot? I'm only interested in the text printed, so any image and any analysis type will do.

  6. Alex

    Yes, that's perfect. That means, both PROP_HANDLER and PROPAD_GetPropertyData are valid methods for getting camera info.

    In this case, I'll refactor MLV with a PROP_HANDLER, since this method is used everywhere else.

  7. Daniel Fort

    Working my way through the EOSM issues. Has this one been resolved? It looks like you found a valid method for getting the EOSM camera info.


  8. Rafael Brune

    This issue is indeed resolved. The necessary stub was pulled into the main branch so IDNT for the EOS-M works.

  9. David Milligan

    It's not really resolved. a1ex expressed desire to get rid of PROPAD_GetPropertyData altogether. These properties in mlv_rec should be retrieved the same way other properties are (like in propvalues.h) with PROP_HANDLER, instead of being unique. That way PROPAD_GetPropertyData can be dropped altogether. I submitted the stub for 1100D, but it was rejected for this reason.

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