"Sticky Halfshutter" does not stick! + + Nightly.2015Jan15.50D

Issue #2187 resolved
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I change this setting to ON, but when restarting the camera, setting is back to OFF. For somem reason the change is not added to magic.cfg. Same with "Advanced" settings under RAW video and "Show buffer graph"...When restarting 50D these settings are back to default.

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  1. Jim Nordlander

    I have had this problem with Canon 7D. It does not show up in "MODIFIED" either so it seems to be lost somehow. Checked the magiclantern-Nightly.2016May16.7D203, still an issue.

  2. David Milligan

    This is intentional behavior.

    tweaks.c line 808

    //~ CONFIG_INT("halfshutter.sticky", halfshutter_sticky, 0);
    static int halfshutter_sticky = 0; // it's too easy to forget this on
  3. Jim Nordlander

    How can I / Could I ask for a feature request that makes it possible to make a work-around if you really want it (as in my case)? Options could be, new option halfshutter.sticky.save_even_it_is_dangerous or just a config option that only exists if you manually edit the file 'halfshutter.sticky.manual_overide' so that the halfshutter can be set? I would prefer not to patch and build the code myself even if I can learn how. BR / Jim

  4. David Milligan

    You could do this with a simple Lua script. Scripts run at startup and it's easy to set the values of ML menu items.

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