Canon 60D: LiveView Broken

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Former user created an issue

Hey, for some reason when I use film mode, I get the old look.


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  1. Alex

    Why is this a critical issue and what exactly is broken? There is valid image data on your LiveView, the interface looks normal, so nothing looks broken to me.

  2. Manny Rothman

    You're right. This doesn't have to be a critical issue. But, one major point of Magic Lantern is the revamped video interface and the things that go with it. There is no point of me having Magic Lantern if this part doesn't work.

  3. Manny Rothman

    I looked at the user guide to try to fix this. It said to make sure that LiveView is enabled, and it still has no hint of Magic Lantern in the LiveView.

  4. Audionut

    I'm pretty sure a1ex can only see the back of his eyelids atm. An excellent opportunity to re-read the user guide, and pay attention to the menu help.

    If all else fails, delete everything on the ML card, and copy the contents of the nightly build to the card.

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