EOS M crashes/zombiefies when processing pics with monochome color profile

Issue #2196 invalid
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If if enable monochrome profile the display is still in color and when I take a picture the camera becomes unresponsive, Also If I restart the camera with the profile enabled the live view is blacked out, luckily I could get into the menu.

Using nightly build 2015Jan29.EOSM202

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  1. Daniel Fort

    Cannot reproduce this using Nightly.2015Apr19.EOSM202

    Attempted to reproduce the bug using cards with and without shutter-bug and it didn't make any difference so this is not related to issue #1893.

    Tried enabling monochrome profile using Canon and ML menu and in both cases the display went to black and white and taking pictures worked as expected in both still and movie modes. Note that when shooting raw stills with monochrome profile the file plays back in monochrome in the camera but it shows up in color when opened in Adobe Camera Raw. This is also expected. I didn't try playing back raw video in camera.

  2. Daniel Fort

    Please mark this issue as invalid.

    (I'd do so but don't think I've got the proper permissions.)

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