DOF display

Issue #22 resolved
Trammell Hudson repo owner created an issue

Calculate the DOF from the focal length, aperture and focus distance for display on the info section of the screen.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I added a simple implementation of dof display - together with a integer division function. But I think structure wise we should put math functions like this in a library and put some basic calculation values (like dof data, lens data, iso...) into a structure, that can be read out everywhere to either display them or do some further calculations.

  2. Trammell Hudson reporter

    Compute DOF of lens parameters and write lens info to movie.log file - Fix bug 22 -- DOF is computed if the lens data are available. - Work on bug 19 -- doesn't do frame count and doesn't use correct name


  3. Former user Account Deleted

    just a typo : focus distance is reported in the menu as focal distance which is obviously different.

  4. matholloway
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    Having a DOF calculator would be AMAZING. I have for a long time wondered why this simple calculator is not included on all DSLRs as option that you can turn on and which shows you your focal length, aperatue and in focus area (close and far focus distances). MMmmmmm do it.

    Please please include this in a release of magic lantern soon!

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