Intervalometer stops after ~100 images

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Jonas Lauener created an issue

I'm using the intervalometer with an interval of 1min. The power saving options are activated. About every second time the intervalometer stops after about 100 images. And the LED stops blinking. As soon as I touch the camera (e.g. press the shutter button half), the intervalometer resumes.

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  1. Alex

    Need details about the stop and resume process (what appears on the screen, how the LED activity looks like, and so on). A video may help.

  2. Jonas Lauener reporter

    I will do a video as soon it happens again. Anyway when it stops, the screen and the LED is off. When I touch the shutter button slightly, it immediately makes a shot and the it resumes taking pictures as like it didn't happen anything.

  3. Alex

    Sounds like the CPU enters some sort of powersaving mode. ML cancels this at startup (which is why it draws about twice as much power than Canon firmware when the display is off), but probably on this camera, Canon code resets it at some point, not sure.

    If you keep the display on all the time, I guess it works just fine, correct?

  4. Jonas Lauener reporter

    Yeah, it looks like that this is the case. I turned the power saving options of Magic Lantern off. Although the stock firmware turns off the display after 15 sec, the intervalometer works now fine. I think that special case of the EOS M with the power saving should be clearly noted in the wiki. If I had knew that ML uses so much power, I probably wouldn’t have chosen that camera.

  5. Alex

    The power saving issue is clearly addressed in the FAQ (with measurements).

    If 5 hours of battery life with display off, compared to 10 hours with stock firmware, means "so much power", I don't know what to say...

  6. Jonas Lauener reporter

    That’s right, but I think the power usage of the Canon EOS M is even higher, isn’t it?

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