"Create directory ON": Recording doesn't start

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Walter Schulz created an issue

Build #102 (19.04.2014 00:31:41) 1: mlv_rec: add option to create one directory per video, reordered options and ini strings

Never worked for 7D. Recording won't start. "Older" builds will display message "Failed to create file. Card full?" Newer builds won't show this. Haven't found out, which build altered this. All builds will show "<Red point> RAW video (MLV) Starting...". Cam is able to be turned off. Will restart without problems. Modules will be loaded.

Tested with 32 and 128 GByte cards.

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  1. Alex

    I would simply remove this feature. Any objections?

    Wondering how many bugs like this (menu options that do not work at all) are present. I didn't do a full menu walkthrough on my camera for 2 or 3 years...

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