Intervalometer Ramping Module ( not present in 60D nightly build (latest 29/1/2015)

Issue #2203 open
george gates created an issue

Hey there would like to point out that the module "Intervalometer Ramping Module (" isnt present in the latest nightly build(29/1/2015) . Was using an October 2014 build and realise the function was missing hence when I downloaded the latest build it isnt there as well. Could you recompile the build again to include this module or was there a reason this module wasn't included in the build? (can't seem to find anything on the forumn).

a1ex , i assign it to you as i thought since you have been compiling 60D build there prolly might be a reason to why the module was left out. Thank you in advance and sorry if I assigned it to the wrong person.

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