"Console" about loading of modules apears sometimes -> restart needed?!

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Andreas Schreiber created an issue


Sometimes after some shooting i get an overlay with some kind of console saying something about modules. I have no modules loaded, so I dont know what it means. If i move fast into the menu i can activate screenshot e.g., but if i wait somewhere this "window" comes back. I have to restart the camera (on - off - on) to get rid of it.

Register modules...
Load configs...
Init modules...
Updating symbols...
   [i] 404: dual_iso_get_recovery_iso 9ea00
   [i] 404: dual_iso_is_active 9ea00
   [i] 404: auot_ettr_intervalometer_wait aa830
... (some more lines, see screenshot)
Modules loaded
at ../../scr/zebra.c:4202 (idle_display_dim), task cls_tas
lv:0 mode:2

Save configs...

What does it mean and how do i get rid of it?



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  1. Andreas Schreiber reporter

    Thats the problem, it appears sometimes, but I dont know why, when, how to provoke or avoid it. I hoped the screenshot would help. Here I have some more of my configuration. VRAM4.jpg VRAM5.jpg VRAM6.jpg

    After you said something about powersave routines I tried to reproduce it by idleing around in menus or by doing 30sec shots. I often shoot available light photos in the evening, so it perhaps has something to do with long exposure times between 10 sec and 30 sec. But as is said i couldn't reproduce it today.

    If I can provide any other information then just tell me where to find them. This bug is not "critical" in any way (i hope so) it's just annoying.

    I use Nightly.2015Jan29.700D113



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