5D2.212 HDMI interlacing bug after focus magnifier

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This bug can be recreated using the HDMI output from the 5D2.212 and this (and prior) ML builds:

magiclantern-Nightly.2015Feb20.5D2212.zip Built on: 2015-02-19 15:09:47 -0800 Changeset: 36ff475:

Steps: 1.) Enable live view with global draw turned off (I'm recording the cleaned HDMI output from the camera on an Atomos Ninja 2 running AtomOS 4.22) 2.) Move the camera left and right over a high-contrast vertical edge -- no interlacing should be visible now. 3.) Hit the zoom focus check button on the top right of the back of the 5D2.
4.) Interlacing is visible as horizontal lines, independent of ISO or shutter speed. 5.) Cycling from 5x to 10x increases the interlacing effect, but turning cycling back to 0x by pressing the button a third time does not correct the interlacing. It will now be present until you: 6.) Exit live view and re-enter it.

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