Intervalometer not working with movie clips anymore.

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I'm running ML latest nightly (March 2015) on my Canon EOS 600d fw 1.0.2.

In the ML userguide I red that Intervalometer has the option to record small video clips of a given time (i.e. set duration of the clip). This option is complety missing or gone in the latest nightly builds.

I wonder why it was mentioned in the userguide before.. I assumed the option must have been there in previous ML builds, so I tested older versions too.

Latest nightly ML version: No movie intervalometer option. ML build June 2014: No movie intervalometer option.

ML base build in 2012 for 600d: movie option IS AVAILABLE! Set Dial to Movie-mode: it says: "REC a clip every: x sec" in the intervalometer submenu options. Set Dial to M/Av/Tv/P: it says: "Take a pic every: x sec"...

Why is that option gone in all the latest nightly builds? I miss that feature. Is it in any way harmful so it was taken out or was it just an accident or maybe some bug?

I'm about to have a second sdcard with the outdated 2012 ML build just to have that feature available when I need it. But I'm unsure if I should really use it in the case that it was taken out because it might be harmful to the camera.

I'd appreciate some bugfix or comment about why it was taken out (if so).


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  1. C M

    ok, poster of the above issue here.

    I just figured out movie clips in Intervalometer is not the only thing missing in ML nightly builds. Bulb ramping f.i., for timelapse is also missing in nightlys.

    I thought the nightly versions got all features from the 2012 ML version PLUS some cutting edge features? Now I'm just realizing the version from 2012 has almost a higher value for me than all those nightly builds. Unfortunately Dual-ISO wasn't available in 2012 ML versions which leads to a hard decision about which version of ML to use on my single SDcard. It's pretty cumbersome to copy another ML version each time you want to shoot different stuff, especiall when you're outdoor far from any PC.

    Did I miss a point somewhere? Is it intended to have some features not available in nightly builds anymore?


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