Small, short vertical line in upper right corner of a Magic Lantern RAW video.

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Steve Thornton created an issue

When shooting on Magic Lantern RAW video, both versions, I am getting a small vertical line in the upper right hand corner of my video.

This happens only on one of my 5D MKIII bodies.

This does not happen when shooting a still image, this does not happen when shooting a “Regular” Canon video, and this does not happen when shooting a “Regular” Magic lantern video (not RAW).

I have tried this with ML Version: 01-03-2015 AND version 3-12-2015 with the same results.

I have cleaned the sensor twice and I can't see anything with a illuminated loupe. Although it is a very small line: 1 pixel wide by 5 pixels long.

I then used a strong flashlight using a loupe turned backwards to look very close at the sensor, and there is nothing I can detect.

Go here to see where the line is and a magnified image to see it closer. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge:

I have used MlRawViewer_1_4_3 and MLV Converter 1.8.2 with the same results.

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  1. Alex

    Might be a cluster of bad pixels. Canon corrects them for H.264 and for still photos, but RAW includes these defects. It's up to the converter or post-processing software to handle them.

    Can you upload a DNG created with mlv_dump?

  2. Steve Thornton reporter

    mlv_dump? Is this is for Mac? Doing a search I only see reference to Mac and I'm 100% Windows. If there is a link you can send me to walk me through the process I'll try.



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