mlv_play/pic_view squishes images on 1100D

Issue #2230 new
David Milligan created an issue

See attached image. I used mlv_play to view silent pics on 1100D (mlv_rec doesn't actually work, but I can get silent pics saved as mlv to work). pic_view seems to be the same way.

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  1. Alex

    Probably something wrong in the 2D matrices (lv2raw, raw2bm & friends).

    I can look at it in QEMU, but I need some VRAM dumps, as described here:

    I already have dumps covering the YUV buffers, but not the RAW ones. Some DNGs (full-res or normal-res) sould be enough; I remember there are some linked on the forum; if you find them quicker than me, please post a link.

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