FPS Override not working on 7D

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yeah bouyee created an issue

FPS Override function does not recording and value put into the "Desired FPS" parameter and produces a Full Motion Video ".mov" file. Also recording stops automatically. The screen will "wash out" or go white in the middle of recording.

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  1. N _ A

    I can confirm that 7d fps override has a major bug that seemed to have started on the March 29th nightly. When recording raw or mlv files on various movie modes with exact fps override on, liveview gets vertically distorted. Interestingly enough, recording in 60p mode with the buggy settings from 23.976 exact creates mlv's that do not need to be stretched back out in post. More info here-http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=9848.msg144342#msg144342 :edit:Corrected to 60p mode.

  2. N _ A

    Actually, I just realized that this bug has been there since 7d fps override was implemented, but it really only shows up when using it in either of the 60p modes with exact fps set to 23. 976 or 60. To fix this issue, Timer A needs to be set to 498 (FT +76)

  3. Alex

    What are the default timer values for 30p and 60p? (read the submenu with FPS override turned off)

    Are you sure about unstretched MLVs in 50p?

  4. N _ A

    60p NTSC Timer A- 440(+0) Timer B- 910(+0)

    30p NTSC Timer A- 520(+0), 5x- 558(+0) Timer B- 1540(+0), 5x- 1436(+0)

    Here's an mlv straight from the card. 48 fps, ntsc mode. M05-1657

  5. Alex

    If you replace line 226 with #define FPS_TIMER_A_MIN (fps_timer_a_orig), does it help?

    The MLV is way too big for me to download with my current net connection, so if you can upload a jpeg, it would help.

  6. Alex

    Both with 50 fps in Canon menu, but with different FPS timer settings? That's really strange (might be a quirk caused by dual digic?)

  7. N _ A

    Well, 60p (ntsc). The normal LV, squashed-MLV fps override settings were Exact, 48.000 Timer A- 498(+58) Timer B- 1004(+94)

    And if I apply the settings for 23.976 exact to 48 exact- Timer A- 422(FT -76) Timer B- 1184(x1.30) Actual- 48.033 LV is stretched vertically but the mlv's are normal aspect.

  8. Sandy MacPherson

    resurrecting this one - I have the stable ML build for Canon 7D and fps override for live view seems to crop/and screw up vertically after undercranking to below .4 fps. I was trying to get live view to do 5 second exposures but not having much luck. I may try to build the source if I get brave enough and poke around.

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