5dmk2 bricked - URGENT PLEASE

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chakawa created an issue

Camera 5dmkII with firmware 2.1.2.

It is the first time I encounter a problem with ML on my 5Dmk2. A blue screen (see attached) is showing after a few seconds of normal shooting with ML loading properly. This is the error code on the blue screen: STOP 0x000000aa (0x1000af22, 0xdeadbeef, 0xffff) Issues on both photo and video mode.

The camera turns on/off without the CF card , and attempt to fix by removing lens/battery/card etc does not work.

Please note that this has happened after I decided to load ML on a 64GB CF card. All has been working fine for a few days until today

I have not done anything yet hoping someone could help even if it means uninstalling ML safely.

This is an urgent request as I am on a shoot. Many many thanks in advance !!


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  1. Jean Signoret

    I have the same problem with my 7D I reformatted the card and got rid of the magic run the camera normally until some one give me a some idea

  2. chakawa reporter

    Hi Jean,

    Can I pls ask how you did reformat the card exactly step by step ? I am reading contradictory stories which could actually stop the camera from working completely if you don't do this correctly ...

    Many thanks Christophe

  3. TheRama

    Hi guys,

    Same message on my 6D!

    Couldn't turn off the camera. It just randomly turn off the screen and go to playback mode and show the last image taken. Suddenly screen goes black. Then be able to turn it off finally. When I turn it back on, got the same message, camera totally inoperable.

    What I did is to remove the battery and right after the SD card even though I suspected it wasn't the right thing to do...

    Without the SD, the camera will turn on and operate alright, but with a flickering screen (scary). I downloaded and copy into another SD card (without ML) the newest Canon 6D firmware. After this, I got my breath back as my 6D started working again.

    By the way, step 2 and 3 on the message made me think at the beginning it was kind of a joke.

  4. Jean Signoret

    So yes a up date my camera stop working altogether when the card was inserted So I fully reformatted the card on my computer The camera is working fine So then I reinstall The magic and the problem start again after 3 minutes ! ??

  5. TheRama

    In my case I will not install ML again until this is fixed. You have to be running Canon firmware 2.1.2. in your 5D MK2 so ML works


    I ALSO have the same issue at my 60D while doing video recording it's shut down than i find out only when i using my EFS CANON lenses, Especislly when adjust iris??!!! manual focus lenses like AIS nikon HAVE NO ISSUES!

  7. Jean Signoret

    7D Yes redone the all process 1)fully formatted the card on the computer 2)download & reinstall the firmware 2.0.3 3)reformat the card in the camera 4)unzip & copy ,paste the ML folder ,the autoexec,& the 7D firmware file in the root folder of the card 5) recet camera setting to original 6) upgrade canon firmware & restart press the bin button play for 3 minutes and the same problem again !!!

  8. Peter Holler

    Same here on the 5D3 with FW 1.1.3 and the latest nightly from 2015-03-29. I am now trying to downgrade to the 2015-03-28-nightly.

  9. Peter Holler

    Now i get it. This is some kind of very stupid April 1st joke. That's why the screen asks us to take a picture of todays calendar.

  10. nikfreak

    Now that's a reason not only to rely on commit messages:

    Looks like some people didn't like my bad joke

    Indeed one has to take time and check the full commit. Guess I can backout my backout changeset :+1: for 70D

  11. Peter Holler

    FYI: the 2015-03-28 does have the same issure on the 5D3 FW 1.1.3. I am currious if it still happens when i change the date to April 2nd.

  12. Peter Holler

    I don't think thats funny at all. It just ruined my todays shoot and costed me lot's of nerves. I just got my 5D3 yesterday and thought it's really bricked.

  13. escho

    deadbeef... The technical info on this error page is great :-)

    For a workaround, if you can´t wait some more hours, change the date from canon-menue. I did so and I can work


  14. Alvaro

    okay, so this "joke" means that you won't be able to record video at all during April 1st until you format your camera (unless you can't backup your stuff/don't want to fpormat ML out of fear of ACTUALLY bricking your camera)? Yo do realise some people heavily depend on their cameras, right?

  15. Alex

    Of course not.

    First step: read the error message and notice the hint about today's date.

    Easy way to bypass the prank: change the date to April 2.

    Harder way: inspect the source code, notice what the magic button is, and press it at camera startup.

    Easy way to bypass ML without formatting: press SET at camera startup.

    Please see also this message from g3gg0: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=14850.msg143985#msg143985

    so a warning to everyone being pranked yesterday:
    you are not prepared for serious shooting with magic lantern, if this was a real problem to you.
    if you use ML for business make sure a failure, no matter if serious issues or not so serious (like yesterday) wont get you in trouble!
    - take ML-free backup-cards with you
    - make yourself confident with rescue procedures and how to temporary disable ML
    - ML, especially "latest" versions can introduce troublesome behavior
    yes, its cool that ML is being used in a lot of serious stuff. we really love that.
    but we expect users to be prepared for the moment when ML is going nuts for some reason.
    this day will come.
  16. SpirIT

    Thanks for that.... just lost a really good chance for taking awesome pictures in some caves! Really funny -.- in like usual, in caves is no signal for checking the internet!

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