Disable ML menu access on non-ML mode

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Licaon Kter created an issue

On my M1 I get the ML menu by 2 finger touching.

When not using ML I leave the camera on CreativeAssist mode ( means basic ) so anyone can pick it and it just works, but since one is able to enter ML menu ( by mistake ) even from here it makes things confusing.

Can this be disabled so it only works when the ML mode is selected?

/PS: forum thread: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=14833.0

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  1. Daniel Fort

    I'm assuming that you mean setting the mode selector dial to A+ which is Scene Intelligent Auto. I think of it as Party or Point And Shoot Mode. Some things like Focus Peaking and Zebras are nice to have just to see that the auto settings are indeed working. However, I can see your point about keeping it simple while in this mode, especially since the EOS-M uses the touch screen to bring up the ML menus. I guess the proper protocol is to vote for this feature request.

  2. Alex

    If we block ML menu, I think we should also block ML functionality in those modes.

    Not very easy, but I can see where it can be useful...

  3. Licaon Kter reporter

    Just the menu, kinda just block 2 finger touch (aka ML menu activate), since it's so easy to activate it.

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