ISO speed selection menu not appearing with Trash single press but with hold

Issue #2258 closed
Licaon Kter created an issue

Having set up Trash button to 'ISO Speed" via C.FnIV (6) pressing it will show the ISO selection menu or not based on whether the wheel controlled setting ( ) was used previously or not.

Steps to repro:

  • set up Trash for ISO
  • without changing Shutter speed or Aperture with the wheel and without switching what the wheel controls via pressing wheel right
  • single pressing Trash brings up the ISO selection screen
  • change ISO or not
  • press wheel right to change to Shutter or Aperture
  • single pressing Trash now only to see that the ISO selection menu does not appear on screen BUT using the wheel the exposure changes just as using the ISO menu
  • press SET to exit the ( invisible ) menu.
  • hold press Trash will show the ISO menu every time

I can record a video if needed.

Comments (4)

  1. Daniel Fort

    I followed your steps and reproduced the issue. Note that doing a half-press on the shutter button will update the ML ISO display. If you press the Trash after the shutter half-press the ISO section screen works properly. Press wheel right and once again the ISO selection menu doesn't come up when pressing the Trash button.

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