Turn off LCD enabled stops intervalometer after 1 FRSP picture

Issue #2265 resolved
Licaon Kter created an issue

Building ML with commit e5c3e1e included.

Using Silent pics->Fullres with Intervalometer when Prefs->Powersave in LiveView -> Turn off LCD is non-OFF will make intervalometer stop after just 1 picture with message "Intervalometer stopped" no matter if the LCD off display timer gets triggered or not.

Also it alters the way it works a bit.

Without LCD off:

  • trigger intervalometer
  • on screen delay counter
  • snaps picture
  • delay
  • picture
  • etc

With LCD off:

  • trigger intervalometer
  • black screen but waits as set up in delay counter
  • snaps a picture
  • stops with message

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  1. Daniel Fort

    Followed your steps and verified your findings. I first tried it with the default "simple" resolution and everything worked fine. It appears that this issue only shows up with the last thing you do is to set the Powersave setting. If I turn the camera off then on the intervalometer will start up and work properly.

  2. Daniel Fort

    I reproduced the camera power cycle workaround with the April 19 build while you were updating your download link. Once I installed your build Prefs->Powersave in LiveView -> Turn off LCD will no longer stop after the Intervalometer fires off one frame. It looks like your fix has resolved this issue.

  3. Licaon Kter reporter

    Not my fix, it's @a1ex that has the knowledge. :P

    Umm, I'll retest, that patch covers the other issue and not this one, strange.

  4. Daniel Fort

    @Licaon_Kter have you retested this? I looks like we got different results when I tried testing it back in May. It seems that the latest pull requests are resolving several bugs but you are the reporter on this one so you should be able to determine if this issue is resolved.

  5. Licaon Kter reporter

    See my comment here and @a1ex response: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=12523.msg145189#msg145189 since I thnk they are related somehow.

    Anyway, the repro steps need refining, the thing that matters apparently is the Canon review option:

    • ML PowerSave LCD On ( whatever value ) + Canon review OFF -> 1 frame FRSP and STOP
    • ML PowerSave LCD On ( whatever value ) + Canon review On ( whatever value ) -> OK
    • ML PowerSave LCD OFF + Canon review On ( whatever value ) -> OK
    • ML PowerSave LCD OFF + Canon review OFF -> OK
  6. Daniel

    I've got the same "problem" with my 700D, but I've already got used to it. Didn't figure that it has something to do with the powersave settings, just figured out a workaround: 1. set intervalometer trigger to take a pic 2. press half shutter -> takes a silent picture 3. directly after, when the screen is black, quickly press the shutter full way down, the camera takes a "noisy pic" (if u're lucky) and the intervalometer starts and keeps going

    Maybe this doesn't help anything, but I'm posting anyways just FYI.

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