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hi there,

I use Magic Latern for my Camera (5DD markII) 1 year ago, and it work very well. But from last week, I have a big problem. When I change my CF card (without MagicLatern firmware inside), the LCD of my camera not work ----OMG ;( , and I just can see what available on screen by connect my camera to my TV by HDMI cable.

Right now I just can use only 1 CF card. If I use any other card,LCD of my camera not work again.

I try to upgrage original firmware of Canon, but LCD not work, too.

Help me please, please answer here or give me the email, this is my email:

Thanks for your help! Hieu Do

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  1. Alex

    The CF card you can use is one with ML or one without? I couldn't tell from your message.

    If you start the camera without a card, what happens?

    If you format one card from those that don't work, what happens?

  2. Hieu Do

    Last time I can use any CF card, with ML, I can use your firmware, without, camera comeback to original Canon firmware.

    But 1 week ago, I just can use only 1 CF card with ML inside.

    I try to use the other card with ML, but LCD not working, too. Without card, or after format the other card, LCD not work (AV out not work also, just HDMI)

    Thanks for your quick reply Hieu Do

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