Turn off Liveview when shot button pressed

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Michael created an issue

ML 2.3 On all modes when I press shot button, Liveview switch to screen with exposure and etc. After it black screen (like after disp. button pressed). In this case all shots should be done in "blind" condition.

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  1. Walter Schulz

    If you are using "old" stable version: Fallen from grace, considered as unstable and not supported anymore. Go nightly. If using nightly build: Delete ML directory and Autoexec.bin, download nightly build again and copy extracted nightly build content to card. Retry.

  2. Michael reporter

    Ok. Thanks. But is it possible on 600d switch of this stupid screen (with with exposure values and etc.) from Liveview?

  3. Michael reporter

    After half shatter press 600d switch from liveview to initial screen with shooting parameters, and not possible control what happens on screen. Same information already presented on Liveview (exposure, aperture, and etc.)

  4. Michael reporter

    As you wish. Шаг 1: P1220062_resize.JPG Шаг 2:После неполного нажатия кнопки спуск P1220063_resize.JPG Шаг 3:После того как кнопка спуск отпущена P1220064_resize.JPG Возможно ли исключить шаг 3?

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