Err 01 after installing latest version on 5Dmk iii. Unistalling doesn't resolve the problem.

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Vsevolod Kocherin created an issue

It's my first time installing magic lanern on my camera. I just download the latest version (magiclantern-Nightly.2015Apr28.5D3123) and installed through cf card. At once i installed it, the camera didn't recognize the aperture. Then i delete it, but the error didn't dissapear. I tried to install older versions of magic lantern and install the older canon firmware 1.1.3 but nothing helped. Help me ,please, with this trouble.

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  1. Vsevolod Kocherin reporter

    but before installing magic lantern i never had such problem. i'm sure that it caused the trouble. maybe you know any methods to set something like factory defaults or any thoughts about it?

  2. Alex

    Lens communication happens in a second CPU, which we don't know yet how to access. So, I'm afraid there's not much I can do.

    With a manual lens without chip, I guess everything goes fine, correct?

    Tried clearing Canon settings and custom functions? Tried starting in C mode, or full auto?

    Did you use any chipped lens adapter on your camera? There were reports of permanent damage on 5D3 on cinema5d forum, years ago (unfortunately, this forum is no longer available). Also, my Optix v6 behaves in a funky way on 5D3 (camera gets out of Canon menus by itself, or changes settings randomly, also without ML), but it's fine on all older cameras.

  3. Vsevolod Kocherin reporter

    I've tried everything and was not succeeded. But then I've noticed that moving lens just on 1mm when it is on the body, the aperture start recognize. Then I've realized, that the problem is that in the air (because now I'm located in Vietnam ,and the humidity here is higher than in Europe. I've been here for 1 month and didn't take it into consideration.) So, I tryied to clean the contacts by eraser for pen, then the problem resolved. I suppose, that it was just concidence. Thank you for your attention and advices.

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