[7d] Boot problem when i switch the SD card

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I have a little issue.

I have the last night build installed on 2 CF.

When i switch from one to the other, my 7d isn't booting..

I have to remove the battery to make it works again.

Is it a knowed issue ?

Best regards.

Sorry for my english, i'm french ..

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  1. Nobody67

    It's still not working ..

    One card is a Lexar 800x 32Go and the other is a SanDisk Extrem III 8Go, can it be the problem ?

  2. Nobody67

    The copy was good. The install on both cards was okay. But once I shut down the camera and change the card, the camera isn't booting. If I turn off the camera, remove the battery and start again, it works perfectly! So I don't know what's wrong..

  3. Walter Schulz

    Sorry, your description is a bit confusing. Are you able to use ML with both cards? Or is card 1 working with ML, but card 2 will stall cam (until battery is removed)?

  4. Nobody67

    Yep, I'm a able to use ML with both cards. But after changing the card, the camera isn't booting. For make it working, I have to remove the battery and insert it back again. After that, the camera is booting with ML.

  5. Walter Schulz

    Sounds like user error. You have to shutdown cam properly before opening CF compartment. Turn off cam, wait for 5 seconds. After waiting period you may change card. And read FAQ and User Guide. Not waiting for ML to shutdown may cause damage to card's content.

  6. Nobody67

    I did juste try exactly what you're saying (Turn off, wait 5 sec, change the card). It's works but not every times, some times, the cam isn't booting and i have to power off, remove the battery, put the battery back and turn on and it works perfectly with ML. Am I the only one who have that issue ? Maybe a card problem ? Or just a problem by switching 4 - 5 times (fot my test) the card without taking a picture ?

    Thank's :)

  7. Walter Schulz

    Checking card's integrity by h2testw or F3 is never a bad idea. Never had your issue and I'm changing cards a lot for testing/hunting bugs on several occasions on 650D and 7D. Never saw such an issue in the forums before.

  8. Nobody67

    I just check the cards and the Lexar and the SanDisk are ok .. Don't know from where the problem is .. :/

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