White Balance RGB Multipliers "twitch" after setting a Custom WB

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Martin created an issue

After setting a Custom White Balance and then adjusting the WB using, say, the R multiplier in the ML menus, one or both of the other multipliers also shift one step.

To reproduce this:

  • shoot a still image.
  • set the camera WB to "Custom".
  • set the custom WB using the image previously shot.
  • from the ML "Expo" menu:
    • enter the "White Balance" menu.
    • change the R Multiplier value up or down 1 step. The B Multiplier value unexpectedly also changes up or down 1 step.
    • further changes to the R Multiplier only affect the R multiplier value, as expected, until the custom WB is set through the Canon menus again.

If the first change you make is to the B Multiplier, it is the R Multiplier which also changes 1 step. If the first change you make is to the G Multiplier, all three multipliers change 1 step.

This only seems to happen the first time you make a change to an RGB Multiplier after setting a custom WB using the Canon menus.

I'm using a 5D mk3 with 1.1.3 f/w and Nightly.2015May03.5D3113

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