RAW 700D Crashing

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jason williams created an issue

I have just installed Magic Lantern tonight (monday 25th May 2015) latest available build for 700d. Up to date firmware as indicated in specifications within guidelines 1.1.3, Card specs are 32Gb 90MB/s 600X . The issue i am having is after approximately 4 seconds of recording RAW video in RAW mode or RAW (MLV) I get a warning message indicating one of two warnings 1, Recording stopped automatically or 2. Recording stopped missed frames. I am unsure why. It appears to be recording at 39MB/s to card therefore i presume as i have tried two cards and its available write speed is double that, the card wont be the issue. I have also tried reducing features such as focus peaking and zebras to minimise CPU. I am unsure if this is a resolvable issue my end or a bug. Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Walter Schulz

    If you are unsure if it is bug or not and you have a forum discussion about the very topic -> Stick to forum discussion, please.

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