rename SD to EOS_DEVELOP after reinstall ML2.3 on 600D

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Carlos Martín Carrasco
created an issue

I reinstall (format) my SD and install again the ML2.3 Stable, on my 600D. And now, my SD rename to EOS_DEVELOP

Its is normal?

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  1. Licaon Kter

    I though that is even needed so that the camera uses the card ok to boot and load firmware and such. It does not hurt anyway.

    Also, like @Walter Schulz said, use the nightlies as they are (better) tested than that years old 2.3, annnnd reporting bugs makes it go further and get better, if no one tests why would it go ahead?

  2. Carlos Martín Carrasco reporter

    i know. but i think that are the most revised version. new version maybe have less bugs, but have more bugs no explore.

    anyway, i have will install nightly version. what nightly recommend?

    thanks and regards

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