Exposure meter freezes after filming RAW (5D mkiii)

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Canon 5D mkiii Magic Lantern version: Nightly.2015Apr28.5D3123. using Canon 24-105mm L IS USM

After shooting in MLV format (1920x1080), Canon's exposure meter on the bottom of the screen no longer updates. Normal metering functionality is restored after the camera is turned off and then on again. This "freezing" was also happening with the autofocus, but the autofocus functionality has since been restored (although I'm not sure why).

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  1. Alex

    Does it get better if you disable small hacks or SRM memory?

    Does the issue also happen if you shoot RAW 1.0?

  2. James Cool

    a1ex, Yes, I've just disabled small hacks and the problem has been resolved. Might this have any negative affect on the recording (write speed, etc)? I'm wondering if I should also try your other suggestions (either individually or in tandem) to see if one might produce more reliable results than the other modifications.

    Thanks for your suggestions, sir.

  3. James Cool


    case1 -- Small hacks enabled, SRM memory enabled: issue persists (original status) case2 -- Small hacks disabled, SRM memory enabled: issue is resolved. case3 -- Small hacks enabled, SRM memory disabled: issue persists. case4 -- Small hacks disabled, SRM memory disabled: issue is resolved.

  4. James Cool

    The issue returns when toggling between RAW video on and off (I was getting some footage for an H264 versus RAW test).

    However, if i stick to RAW the issue is nonexistent. Just thought I'd let you know what I found. Thanks for your assistance.

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