5D Mark III 1.2.3 Corrupted frames with MLV and fps override.

Issue #2304 resolved
anDyIII created an issue

Hi, if I record MLV clips with my 5D mark III using fps override (23.976 from 24) in normal mode with the latest 1.2.3 ML build (Nightly.2015Jun09.5D3123, now removed from the build website), but also with older ones, I get some corrupted frames on the 80% of the clips.

I'm using tested 128GB 1066x Komputerbay cards.

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  1. anDyIII reporter

    Yes. I did some testing and even without FPS override, so only using Canon 24fps setting, I got 2 consecutive corrupted frames. It happened when I started another recording just a second after I stopped the previous one. The issue seems to happen when I shoot consecutive clips (short or long clips doesn't matter) without long pauses between them.

    I'm using MLV with Buffer fill method 4 and CF-only buffers 7.

  2. anDyIII reporter

    No. No corrupted frames with RAW 1.0. All the clips are perfect even with FPS override 23.976 from 24. It's a MLV issue, maybe something that concerns buffers.

  3. Lars Steenhoff

    The MLV from august build 2014 5D3 123 are good for me, after I had more issues with MLV pink frames, I used the build from march 2015 5D3 123 and the mlv module from august 2014 5D3 123 and this combination works well for me.

  4. anDyIII reporter

    Nice to hear, Lars. I'll give it a try, but now that you shared more info I hope a1ex will try to find the bug and fix it in a new build.

    Thanks again for your help.

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