60D shutter problem with nightly build 2015Jun09

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I used 2.3 stable release version for a long time and I just decided to try the nightly build for dual iso function. After installation, it seems that everything works fine. but after i changed some options i found that no matter how long i set the shutter time, the shutter always open for 30s and no photo was stored in sd card. but in liveview, shutter works fine and photo was stored in sd card normally. Resetting the canon firmware settings and ML settings don't work. I roll back to 2.3 stable version and clear the ML settings, problems solved. I've done a second try, same problem appears when i changed some settings in nightly build. However , i don't want to try it one by one to find out the cause for the sake of my 60D...

ps:sorry for my poor english..i'm not a native speaker.

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  1. 子寒 王

    you mean user guide? i've read it but couldn't find the userful part... never turned on expo override..

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