Canon 5D mark 3 : problem after incompleted unstalling ML

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Ngand Co created an issue

Hello all

After incompteted unstalling with the latest 1.2.3 ML build (Nightly.2015Jun09.5D3123), cleaning of the sensor don't start and camera takes itself a picture on starting of camera.

Autofocus operates but release is impossible. Release is only possible after each posting on the screen of the picture.

Somebody already encountered this problem ?

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  1. Ngand Co reporter

    I uninstalled the ML build by update the Canon firmware 1.2.3 from the camera. I don't remember exactly what occurred during update.

  2. Alex

    Updating Canon firmware does not uninstall ML.

    Start the camera without cards and clear all Canon settings. If it still doesn't work, record a video of the problem.

  3. Ngand Co reporter

    video with memory card

    On the video, focus is manual. After reboot of the camera, the keys of the screen are inoperative. Touch on the shutter release does not take a picture but release frees the keys of the screen. A picture can be taken only on shutter release and play touch.

  4. Ngand Co reporter

    Hello all

    Here a synthesis of the situation. After reboot of the camera, ML is in a "dormant" state where button's interface are disable (i.e button's screen as play, menu, info ..start/stop... are unoperate). In this state, only shutter release button, if half pressed, reenable button's screen interface and, in this case, when an action (for example click on button play) causes a posting on the screen, a picture can be taken on button shutter release half pressed. ML reenter "dormant state" if an action causes black screen.

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