5D2.212 overlay display sluggish (ML Nightly May-June 2015)

Issue #2310 resolved
PhotoCat created an issue

5D2.212 overlay display sluggish (ML Nightly May-June 2015) Similar problem on (ML Nightly March 30, 2014) but to a lesser extend.


On 5D2, after the "playback" button is pressed, I get the usual Canon playback screen. Now push the "picturestyle" button within 1 sec... the image overlay (e.g. falsecolor) doesn't come on! U have to press it a couple of times before it comes on.

Work around: after pushing the "playback" button, roll the thumb dial up one and down one. Then push the "picturestyle" button, overlay will be instantaneous!

Thanks A1ex and ML team for all the hardwork!

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  1. PhotoCat reporter

    Sure A1ex! Got the video from my phone. But I can't upload it as it is too big... (120meg) How do u want me to send it to you? Tks!

  2. PhotoCat reporter

    Tested using SanDisk Extreme 32GB 120 MB/s and SanDisk Extreme 16GB 60MB/s and SanDisk 8GB 30MB/s. All hving similar problem.

    When the overlay attempt (push picturestyle key) is unsuccessful, you do see a blink on the screen but no overlay.

    I guess one can just push it a 2nd time and it will work eventually. Tks!

  3. Alex

    Pretty strange. Can you upload the ML directory from your card, so I can try it myself?

    Does it happen with other overlays? I mostly use zebras and histogram, but never really used false colors.

  4. PhotoCat reporter

    Yes, I have tested it, it happens with all kinds of overlays like spot meter, zebras and histogram, alone or combined. ML version is June 9, 2015.
    Just to clarify the "blinking" upon unsuccessful attempts. Only the top text line blinks. In addition, one can eliminate this strange behaviour entirely by turning the thumb dial at the back after the "play" button is pushed. e.g. push "play button", turn thumbdial clockwise 1 click and anticlockwise 1 click.
    After that pushing the "picture style" button will always bring up the overlay.

    Let me try to upload the files. Thanks a lot Alex!

  5. PhotoCat reporter

    Wow A1ex u r absolutely top-notch! magiclantern-Nightly.2015Jun24.5D2212.zip tested and the issue is completely resolved now. The overlay button (picturestyle) now is very responsive! Kudos to A1ex! Thank you so much!

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