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Joe Saadeh created an issue

Hello Magic lantern users, I was currently shooting a short film on a infrared converted 5d mark 2 with magic lantern (nightly 2015may03) . the settings were: .mlv aspect ratio 2.35 (1856*790) framerate 23.976 global draw on ISO 640 shutter speed 1/50 I had a zacutto EVF attached to the camera I've done so many tests on the infrared converted camera before the shoot and never had the problem on any shot whatsoever. I've even done some tests shooting handheld and this problem never occurred. I tried converting the footage using Mlvrawviewer and rawmagic nothing changed The shot was taken using a dolly it's a horizontal tracking shot. Here's the video converted to H.264 attached with a dng raw image It would be very helpful if someone can tell me what caused the problem and if its fixable in anyway Thanks again

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  1. Alex

    This is neither banding, nor line skipping. It's a problem with vertical sync (in the camera, nothing to do with converters).

    I remember some users reported such problems with external monitors, so try disconnecting it, or at least reduce its resolution to 720x480 (HDMI VGA). The data rate sent to the external monitor is simply too high (it's 6x as much as on the built in LCD), so the memory bus can't keep up.

  2. Joe Saadeh reporter

    Thank a1ex for your reply ! Is there anyway to fix this problem in post as in an app or a software ? I am trying to find a way to avoid reshooting this scene since it requires some budget? Thanks again for your help


  3. Alex

    Other than deleting and interpolating the affected frames (or just half-frames, from the cut point to bottom), I'm not sure what you can do.

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