5D Mark III Top and Bottom black bars disappear when recording MLV

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Geoff Fong created an issue

I'm experiencing an issue where the top and bottom black bars disappear when I begin recording. If its not recording it appears there with all the camera information. Only goes away when recording begins for MLV. When I switch to h.264, it does not experience this problem.

I'm on the 5D123 04-27-15 build. I'm using lexar 1066 128gb cf cards.

The big issue here is that without those black bars at the top, I can't exactly tell where the top of the picture ends. I did not realize this after a few takes and now some of my shots where I framed the talent for the full lcd picture - the top of their heads are cut off. Is there any way possible to salvage this?

I've attached a photo of the live view before and after it records mlv.

I don't know if this is related to this issue, but during my shoot I started major issues with dropped frames. This generally began happening at around the 2 minute mark. So, I attached my read/write speed numbers.

Is there a setting that is affecting this? Please let me know any other information I can provide.



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  1. Licaon Kter

    ML menu -> Movie -> RAW -> GlobalDraw ON?

    Regarding speed:

    • see this first: https://rbrune.github.io/mlraw/
    • start benchmark measuring and then start recording even plain H.264 to get real values
    • set up ML menu -> Movie -> RAW -> Status while recording -> Debug to get better info ;)

    @a1ex: mark as invalid?

  2. Geoff Fong reporter

    Thanks for your assistance Licaon. Very much appreciated. I will follow those steps and report back to you guys. Thanks again!

    Also, so is there any way to salvage for what I framed for shooting the whole LCD. It recorded where the black bars would be and now the top of the talents hair is cut off.

  3. Geoff Fong reporter

    Yes, global draw is turned on - set to all modes, but still experiencing the same problem where the bars disappear.

    I was unable to record MLV while measuring benchmark. After about 5 seconds stops recording due to dropped frame.

    I was able to record h.264 during measuring benchmark though with screenshot attached below.


  4. Licaon Kter

    You mean both:

    • ML menu -> Overlay -> GlobalDraw ON all modes?


    • ML menu -> Movie -> RAW -> GlobalDraw ON?


  5. Geoff Fong reporter

    Ah yes ML menu -> Movie -> RAW -> GlobalDraw is on now. Its working now, but recording MLV lasts for about 3 seconds before dropping frames and stopping. It's write at about 15mb/s now.

    Benchmark test screenshot attached. What is causing this slow speed now?


  6. Geoff Fong reporter

    hmmm is there anything else that could be causing it?

    I have 4 cards of the Lexar 1066 128gb cards. All of them have been experiencing this issue. By what I read on the forums, these cards have been trustworthy for most people.

    I'll definitely buy a better card if you have any recommendations, but I just want to make sure thats the problem before I start purchasing new cards.

    Thanks for your help Licaon!

  7. Walter Schulz

    Other peoples trust in their cards doesn't prove your cards are doing ok. They could be faked.

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