700D (T5i) Crashes when stop recording

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700D Crashes when stop recording @1280x720, 960x540 & 24&25 fps for each resolution on both modules mlv_rec.mo and raw_rec.mo. Firmware 1.1.4 Card: Transcend 64Gb, 90MB/s (600x), UHS I, Class 10

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  1. Oleg ed

    Crashes every time (all settings by default)

    *When I buy camera it has 1.1.3, then I updated it to 1.1.4 & install ML 1.1.4

    **I can play files .mlv in MlRawViewer but can't proceed in PinkDotRemover (seems they corrupted)

  2. Alex

    Can you downgrade to 1.1.3 and install an older build, to check if the error was present?

    (sorry, I have no 700D to try myself)

  3. Oleg ed

    I have downgrade to 1.1.3 & have next results:

    1st start - activate module raw_rec & switch it ON in VIDEO -> set 1280x720 (16:9) & no more changes -all good, filming at lest 1 minute - ok.

    on module mlv_rec have frame skipping & auto stop. Filming at least 30 sec, no more.

    When changing other settings (like ISO...) have bug. To remove bug - clear all settings from SD card & use # 1st start #

    Any suggestion?

  4. Alex

    OK, that means the bug was not introduced when upgrading to 1.1.4. The behavior is identical, if I understand well.

    Does it help if you disable small hacks? (in raw video submenu).

    Can you try a much older build to check for this error? Maybe it was introduced recently, but nobody reported it? (just guessing)

    FYI, mlv_rec is a bit slower than raw_rec (which is why raw_rec was not removed yet).

  5. Oleg ed

    If I change something from settings (no matter what) - bug. Disable small hacks - nothing changes. To try older build's I need to downgrade firmware from 1.1.3 to older or edit/replace ML data on SD card?
    What log's (CRASH) files says?

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