Provide a "How to add new camera" guide (eg. I would like to help adding 100D support)

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David Bonnet created an issue


As a developer and a 100D/SL1 photographer I would like to help adding support for this camera but cannot find any guide to resume all the work you've already done to support others.

Could you please write some documentation on the process / analysis / files to implement to add support of a specific camera / firmware model?

Thanks a lot! David

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  1. nikfreak

    Each camera is unique. Best for 100D is to read through the forums starting here (watch out for my answers on the thread).

    For porting you need time, time and again time. 100D is set on hold on my side but I am going to pick up work soon cause the 70D build feels solid atm. Be aware: 100D has a t least two known firmware revisions too. Community expects support for both revision :-D There is no general documentation available as you requested. The only way to find out is "learning by doing" and you need to be lucky in finding a1ex on irc at the right time (he's auto-logged-in 24h and will see your message soon or later) while you are on your learning curve. In the end he is the only one beng able to provide you with an installer. Count in a dozen hundreds of hours until you achieve a somewhat stable release.

    Btw I wouldn't call this an issue. So better close it. Guess there are other ways to discuss such things.

  2. David Bonnet reporter

    Thanks for all those informations!

    This is a great starting point thanks 😊

    Closing the task (wasn't aware of the Wiki and the forum yet sorry).

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