Canon 6D firmware 1.1.6 - GPS behavior

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Since I upgraded to Firmware 1.1.6, I notice that the GPS Power Save feature of ML behaves slightly differently. With 1.1.3, Power Save kept the GPS active as long as the 6D was switched on, and deactivated it when switched off. Now with 1.1.6, Power Save will deactivate the GPS whenever the 6D goes to sleep mode, even if it is switched on. As a result, each time the 6D is reawakened by half-pressing the shutter, the GPS has to look for the position again, resulting in loss of information due to the time it takes to make a fix.

i would like a return to the previous behavior: with internal GPS activated in Canon menu, GPS stays on when the camera is switched on, and GPS gets disconnected when the camera is switched off;

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  1. Alex

    Are you sure the behavior was different in 1.1.3?

    ML can't tell the difference between Canon's sleep mode and a regular shutdown (yet). It might be possible to check the GUI events that trigger the shutdown process - they should be different in those two cases.

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