Build #367 (2015/June/24): RAW histogram not showing up in "Image review"

Issue #2339 resolved
Walter Schulz created an issue

Bug introduced in build #367. Steps to reproduce:

  • Canon Menu, first tab: Image review "Hold"

  • ML menu, Overlay tab: Enable Global Draw "On, all modes"

  • ML menu: Overlay tab: Histogram "RAW RGB, Log, dots"

  • Activate Liveview, halfpress shutter and verify histogram is showing up and shoot.

Result: Histogram not showing in Image review.

Thanks to user osterizerble for finding this one.

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  1. Licaon Kter

    You are pointing at this commit I guess:

    Anyway on my M, having those settings, with Image review 2s/4s/8s/Hold, ML will show the image after a shot and that will have zebras & histogram displayed.

    Now, do you mean only in this case (right after a shot) or the histogram should appear on the image on normal image review too, when pressing the PLAY button that is? Because at least I never saw it here BTW.

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