ALO mode detection fail

Issue #2345 closed
Licaon Kter created an issue

Basically no matter what ALO mode you have, activating the warning in the ML menu will make the camera display "ALO warning" and the LED will blink orange every one second indefinitely.

I see that, except for 7D, ML uses one single prop address 0x8000003D for detecting ALO mode for all the other cameras. I guess this might be wrong for the M.

Debug logs generated with dm-spy branch while changing ALO mode via the Canon menu:

How do I go on about finding the right prop address?

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  1. Alex

    On 5D3 it works well.

    From the log, it's prop 0x8000003D, but the values are not small numbers. On 5D3 I simply took the value & 0xFF.

    I should probably just do the same on all cameras, and disable the setter, since it's not used anywhere.

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