Front LED Does Not Light When Recording with IR Remote

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Mark O'Neill created an issue

If starting a RAW recording from in front of the camera via the Canon IR remote, the front red LED (near the IR sensor) does not blink to indicate recording has started / stopped as it should.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enable RAW recording
  2. Set thedrive mode to "remote / 2s"
  3. Set the switch on the back of the IR Remote to "2s" to enable video control mode
  4. Stand in front of the camera and press the button on the IR remote.

The camera begins recording but there's no visual feedback through the front red LED as there should be.

Comments (5)

  1. Alex

    That's interesting, it might give a good clue on how to turn on the LED from software.

    What remote model do you have? Canon RC-6?

  2. Alex

    I get the same visual feedback as with H.264 (LED flickering when pressing the button). That doesn't indicate the recording status, but the same is true with H.264.

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