Caméra won't turn off and stays in video mode

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Hi! I use ML since almost one year, i never have any big problem, until naw. My camera won't turn off, even if i take off the batterie and put it back as my camera (canon 700D) is off, it is still not turn off.

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  1. Lo Ma

    Already tried and it stil stays in video mode even without SD cart! It's really weird, i can take picture but only with the video interface..

  2. Walter Schulz

    Power on in C mode (mode dial), reset cam to factory defaults (including C.Fn settings) and restart cam. If problme persist report back in ML forum and not here. This is bug report and tracking area and your issue doesn't sound like bug. Add a snapshot of cam's screen because I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing.

  3. Lo Ma

    Thank for the answer, but I don't have a C mode on Canon 700D (did you meant M mode?). I will do a picture

  4. Lo Ma



    See, even if I go to photo mode or turn my camera off, if I don't take the batterie off, it stays in video mode...

  5. Walter Schulz

    If the problem persists after resetting cam's default settings there may be a hardware trouble with the mode dial. The mode dial doesn't physically turn off power but sends a signal to the cam's electronics to act like the power is switched off.

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