Video FPS Override doing only "Low Light Shutter" in Crop Mode (EOS-M)

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Photato created an issue

When using FPS Override in Crop Mode the effective shutter speed is stuck as the Override FPS speed regardless of the "Optimized for" mode selected. In other words, it behaves as "Optimized for Low Light" regardless of other modes selected like Exact FPS, High jello, etc

That renders it useless for Outdoors where usually there is plenty of light because it overexpose badly.

This bug only happens in Crop Mode though, in Normal Mode the Shutter Speed would behave according to the Optimized For mode selected.

I am using the latest ML or TL software and both have it.

Thanks for your time.

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  1. Photato reporter

    Thanks Licaon and Daniel. Licaon: I just tested Johanan build and it works. No longer exposure issues with FPS Override. It even worked at 45fps (Crop - All-I) It was great to see the Audio Trigger in that build too. Now, there is this issue with 8 pixel tall horizontal band at the bottom in Crop Mode (1088P?) , Visible in Windows Media Player, but not visible in QuickTime Player. Also, the GOP settings under Movie Hack which TL has it is is not here with this build. GOP15 + Flush15 worked for me saving me up to 4 times the data bandwidth. I see now an option of IPP but is greyed out. Did a test anyways comparing data rates of All-I, IPP and Default and there was no compression to be gain (Tested Using Q mode) So would be nice to have that GOP/Flush setting again.

  2. Daniel Fort

    I'm doing a cleanup of stubs.S and going over some coding issues (fixing a mistake I made that was merged) that should make porting TL features easier.

  3. Photato reporter

    Sorry guys, I am new here. Will follow the rules for reporting bugs. Yes! porting the things TL has will be excellent then it would be unified and simplified under ML. Thanks you for those links.

  4. Photato reporter

    Licaon. Just read the link to the "incorrect aspect ratio" with the EOS M. That is not the issue. The Video captured in Crop Mode with the EOS M is 1088 Pixel tall. In Full Sensor mode it is 1080P I will open that as a new issue.

  5. Johanan Pandone

    Photato, IPP is "default" but it's not really worth talking about ALL-I vs IPP right now because it's pretty far from being coded in an acceptable way that would make it a candidate for unified...

    as far as vertical band, are you getting this at default framerate in crop mode, or only when you are overcranking? These kind of artifacts can appear with a bad combination of fps/shutter speed, make sure you are keeping your shutter at 180 degrees, (if 45fps, keep your shutter around 90) - BTW low light method is best for overcranking since we don't have high fps method.

  6. Photato reporter

    Johanan, good news. I spoke too soon it seems. I just made another test comparing Bitrates in Q mode against Tragic L. GOP15 and this time it worked. The IPP encoded video is showing now lower bitrate similar to TL. Yet the quality of those videos was similar to All-I. I believe Canon default GOP is 15 frames anyways so not sure why IPP is an option.

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