15,360 extra pixels of noise added in Crop Mode.

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Photato created an issue

Taking Video in Crop Mode will add a band of pixels at the bottom of the Video. This area is 1920 pixels wide x 8 Pixels tall, sometimes this band consist of grey pixels or worst, random noise which takes a toll on the precious data rate. I am using EOS M with the the lastest ML but it also shows on TL and older ML builds. The Video is reported in Windows file explorer as 1920 x 1088 pixels. This band can be seen with Windows Media Player (Windows 7) but is not shown with Quicktime.


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  1. nikfreak

    H264 recording, right? On a side note: licaon's proof-image contains also weird output at the right side cause Photato only describes the problem to exist at the bottom...

  2. Photato reporter

    Well, as I said, I have been noticing it with other builds too, but yeah it is present on Johanan's ML Build. Just now I was messing with other videos and noticed that in whole sensor mode there are some artifacts too but at the top. Microsoft file explorer reports those MOV as having 1920 x 1088 pixels as well. The grey band doesn't bother me much but it is a big deal when the band turns into a bunch of random noise because it eats a lot of bandwidth when in CBR degrading the Main video quality or when in Q mode it demands too high bitrate to maintain the quality. I have not noticed it on the sidess of the video frame though. nikfreak: Yes this is with H264 encoded videos. Bellow is a frame grab to show the issue. Wonder if the EOS M is the only affected by this? 8pixBand.jpg

  3. Licaon Kter

    Since @dpjpandone build is with experimental values for fps override it might be that, although I did not touch fps override.

    I was having another 2 issues that day:

    1. on BBAF with *(star) I was getting the camera to freeze ( battery pull out to recover ), not sure if only on crop mode or not, I did not had the time to test and repro it to note the steps/config ( what C.FnIV AF mode 1 or 3 and such )
    2. on camera restart crop mode is activated ( zoomed in image ) although looking in the ML menu it said it was off, I had to switch it on/off again to get back to full frame, again I can repro it now but did not note the steps exactly

    @nikfreak good catch on the right side, this makes me think it's the fps override tuning at fault since one of the simptoms of out of bounds timer A is an image shift, although one to black and not to something that looks like the next H.264 frame (!?)

  4. Johanan Pandone

    it is known, and has always been that crop mode must be disabled before you turn the camera off, even if you change to a card with no ML, if you leave crop mode on, it stays on. Alex's response to this was "Why do you think canon left it out.... if more people complain, I'll just remove it"

  5. Licaon Kter

    Oh ok, 10q for the info, but it's not that it stays on but that the ML menu does not register it ON.

    It should be written in the ML/settings/ config files on switching on/off anyway, right?

  6. Johanan Pandone

    I too have seen this line on the bottom with some media players, but it never shows up in my editor.

  7. Licaon Kter

    Confirmed that it is showing ( at least on Linux ) in: smplayer ( mpv ), vlc, lightworks, cinelerra

    Now that all these use ffmpeg/libav and that's at fault... I'll try on a Windows machine too asap.

  8. Photato reporter

    Licaon, i don't think the issue is related to Johanan build since it shows in older versions of ML/TL too. Johanan, If there is a workaround to this like turning Crop Mode off before turning camera off then that should be enough for the moment. If I can't see the random pixels that would be enough for me. The Frame grab I posted above was from Tragic Lantern last week. I have yet to see the random pixels with your build, just the grey band.

  9. Photato reporter

    Johanan, Adobe Premiere and Quicktime don't show that band either but the issue remains because wheather you see it or not it is robbing bitrates from the encoder that otherwise would be allocated to the main video. Or It makes the video consume more data when in Q mode. The grey band is not an issue but Random Noise like that takes a toll on the H264 encoder and send the data rate through the roof when in Q mode or degrades the video quality in CBR mode.

  10. Photato reporter

    Licaon, I just noticed that the side band from the frame grab you posted belongs to the left edged of that video. Now I remember seeing the same in some of my videos where a bottom band will show from the top edge of the video. it is sort of offset pixels.

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