HDR algorithm on 5D III is darker than 5D II

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I shoot ML HDR auto bracketing on my 5D MII almost every day for real estate photography. The camera is getting pretty old and is over the average life span on shutter actuations, so I will be wanting to switch to my newer 5D M III soon. However, I'm finding that when I shoot with the mark III, the brightest exposure doesn't expose the shadow areas like the M II version, and my final processed images are losing important detail in the shadow areas. They only way I can get it to work is if I start the series by manually overexposoing several stops in order to try to try to get the shadow detail. Has the auto HDR algorithm changed on the ML version for the 5D Mark III? This issue is keeping me from using my 5D mark III for my work.

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  1. Gregory White

    I just tested my cameras side by side on the same room, same settings, with HDR Autodetect +/- 2 exposure brackets. The Mark II shot 6 brackets, the Mark III only shot 3. Mark III brackets don't cover the full range I need.

  2. Licaon Kter

    Use magiclantern-Nightly.2015Aug19 for both if you want to compare, version 2.3 is years old and no longer supported or developed.

  3. Gregory White

    So, it appears ML HDR autodetect on the 5D Mark III doesn't bracket the full range like on my Mark II - both on the highlight end and on the shadow end.

  4. Gregory White

    No. Different Cameras, so Different ML versions. my ML versions: Mark II: V2.3.5d2.212 Mark III: Nightly.2015Mar29.5D3113. If the HDR autodetect has been improved since my ML build on my Mark III, I'd be happy to updated all of my CF cards, but nobody seems to be responding to this thread, except you Licaon Kter.

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