Vignette Option on the 7D doesn't work.

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I tried a few versions (including the most recent) and the Vignette option under the Movie Tab doesn't work. It displays that its working in Live View, but when I record, its the same as if its off. I have ML installed on the T2i and Vignette works fine. But I when I put ML on my 7D the Vignette option doesn't work - whether to add Vignette or to decrease it on a lens that naturally vignettes. It just as if its not turning on at all.

Is this because the 7D has so many "issues" with ML vs T2i and other Canon DSLR's. I'm using a 32GB 400x Card. Does that have anything to do with it? Are there any other options/features I'm forgetting to turn on for the feature to work? I kindly ask fro anyone's help as I'm about to start on a project this week.

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  1. Alex

    I'm afraid it needs to be done from the master CPU. Will disable the feature for now, until we find out how to execute code on master from autoexec.bin.

  2. James Davis

    Thank you for the reply (I just set up a proper account but I was the one who posted originally). PLEASE keep me posted if this issue ever gets fixed soon. Thanks in advance.

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